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The complete coffee table

02/04/2019, by Lauren Pearse, in Uncategorized, 0 comments

I know it’s been a while since our last blog, but we promise we are now back bigger and better! We thought we would start out a few fun little ‘how to’s’.

Today’s topic… Coffee Tables. They are the centre of our living, they are the impromptu dinner tables, wine holders, shin dinters and the all important practical but pretty centre point of the living room.

There is nothing worse than an un-decorated coffee table and it is a simple area that can bring a fun flare to your living. Here are a few tips on how to style your coffee table:

  1. Levels of height- As for styling many other areas, height and levelling your items is very important. The use of different heights helps soften lines in the room and adds depth to the surface or area.
  2. Greenery- The addition of greenery whether it be real or a good fake springs life into the room and refreshes the atmosphere. It also enables a chance for a cute pot base that can add a dimension to the room. You could even add a pretty vase and floral arrangement to bring depth and life to the room.
  3. Trays- Using a tray assists with neatening of the table top this is due to it providing sectioning of areas. The addition of a tray also gives yet another opportunity to provide another texture and colour into the room. Adding a bone inlay, timber or rattan tray is always a big help. Trays are also great if you have an ottoman as they act as a stable surface for you to style upon, or just safely put your glass of wine.
  4. Decorative pieces- adding little trinkets and other decorative pieces such as coffee table books add interest to the area. Coffee table books are a great piece to decorate with, they help with altering the heights. They serve as a great base for a little trinket or vase to be placed on top as well as being great on their own.

Hope these tips are helpful! Give it a go and tag us in any of your works, we would love to see them.

Until next time,

Mr & Mrs Rylo