Lauren Pearse

The New Us

23/04/2019, by Lauren Pearse, in Uncategorized, 0 comments

As you might have noticed, we have had a little shake up! Although we have a new name we are still the same Rylo you know and love! After 8 years we decided we needed a little change and merging the two sides of the business to create one collaborative renovation/building and interior design/styling hub.


2011 was a big year for us – we got married in January on the day of the Brisbane Floods (yes the Tuesday when it was the worst weather event in Brisbane’s History) and then in June we signed our first ever lease to open up our first little shop front Rylo Interiors.  Ryan was finishing off his builders licence and we had a dream of renovating gorgeous classic Australian homes one by one. 


In 2013 we finished our first BIG renovation in Camp Hill.  This old girl was unlivable. We fell in love with the 1896 dilapidated house and we were hooked. Even though the house lent to the right and the front stairs were unusable, all of the original features and details mixed with our Rylo Co stamp produced this little gem, just in time to move in on Clayton’s due date in May!


The love for making a house a home gave us the most incredible opportunity and now as Rylo Co we are quickly growing to be the perfect one-stop shop. With Ryan’s dedication to his craft and my love for interiors, Rylo Co is blooming.  Starting with putting ideas into paper and creating your concept, Rylo Co works start to finish incorporating concept, construction and interior styling. Its crazy to think that this all started from our little dream to renovate Aussie homes one by one. From here on you’ll be seeing more us with some big and exciting project on the way.



So 8 years, 2 babies and 100s of homes later we are now Rylo Co.  With so many exciting things on the horizon we would like to thank you for coming on this journey with us and hope you come along for many years to come!