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Welcome Home

30/04/2019, by Lauren Pearse, in Uncategorized, 0 comments


One thing that Ryan and I always pride ourselves on are the amazing front entry’s we create for our Rylo Renos.


All of the houses we work on have custom front doors.  We feel its sets them apart and always sets the tone for the rest of the house.


A few tips on your front entry would be:

  1. If you are building or renovating house, setting your front door back and under a roof line helps give the front of the house a face. The exterior entry being set back gives great curve appeal and a focal point.
  2. Next to the front door wall lights are not only practical but can be very beautiful. A nice exterior light or two adds style to your entry not only for the day time but also makes the house very welcoming. If you’re struggling selecting from all of the beautiful lights out there, always go with a classic wall sconce that is simple and timeless.
  3. A feature colour for the front door is also a way to spice up your entrance and an easy fix for a plain door vamp up on a budget. A fun colour to contrast the house makes the front door stand out and gives the house a great curve appeal. We always like to choose a colour that is then used inside the home to keep it cohesive.
  4. As always adding greenery is a good idea. The investment of a large pot and a beautiful plant softens the entrance. Placing items either side of the door also makes a focal point and provides symmetry and neatness, this is an easy dressing of the entry.
  5. Choosing a classic centre knob or feature handle provides a timeless centre point and finishes your door. You can also add a beautiful matching knocker to the door to add another classic focal point. Think of it like jewellery for your door.  A welcoming door mat is also an easy way to add character and warmth to the front door. Not only is it practical but it also assists in defining the space.


Check out some of our faves from our past jobs below!