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Gallery Wall

28/05/2019, by Lauren Pearse, in Uncategorized, 0 comments

When it comes to decorating walls it can be daunting. Putting holes in walls, working out placements and what art actually will look good seems hard to start off. Here are a few little tips that will get you on the right path to making sure you have a stunningly decorated wall.


If you are concerned about which wall to do a gallery wall. They look great over a console or a couch, down a hall, in an entry or above a bed. Really we think they look great anywhere!


The gallery wall is a great option to use fun little prints or quirky little wall hangings. If you are concerned about what art to use or you feel that you don’t have any art here’s a little tip… you can print our art that you like! Or get creative and splatter some water colours, scribble some drawings and mix them up, if you have kids put them to the task.


Then the framing, if you have the cash and want to make this gallery an investment you can get the art framed but if you do not have the money, Kmart and Ikea have frames that will do the job. If you’re doing a colourful gallery wall pic out a few colours in the art works and incorporate them in the framing to spunk it up. However if you are keeping it in a colour theme then maybe choose a single frame colour and maintain that throughout.


Laying out the art is the next thing. If you want it to be symmetrical and neat make sure that the art is framed in the same sized frames to make the wall look even and neat. If you’re up for a fun sporadic wall then play with dimension and colours. Place the art with varying spaces, sizes and heights and change the orientation up, portrait and landscape look great together. Don’t be overly concerned about the layout, place it on the floor mixing colours and sizes and take a picture, take a break and then come back. You’d be surprised how much taking a break and looking at a picture later gives you a greater confidence in your opinion. You will have a better perspective and be able to work out how it will be hung.  


Hanging can be daunting so there are a few things to remember before you get putting holes in your walls. Nails aren’t the only option – use 3M hooks if you’re worried you will get over it or make a big mistake.  Remember to measure the position of the picture from the point which it hangs on and not from the top.  But really my fave thing to do is just hold it up and go for broke!   Don’t be too hard on yourself and just have fun with it!


Hope these little tips and tricks have helped. Please tag us in your creations, we would love to see it all come to life!