Lauren Pearse

Playing with Patterns

27/08/2019, by Lauren Pearse, in Uncategorized, 0 comments

When this subject was suggested it was just another easy blog… Boy was I wrong. Trying to put a guide together for how to mix and match patterns it a lot harder than first thought. But nether the less we have put together a little guide for mixing patterns!

When putting together a scheme for a room it can be hard to decide where to start. What you want and what you feel that you can include is often a fine balance. But for us patterns are a must.

Starting with a hero fabric is often a good way to start. Find a fabric that you absolutely love that is bold and beautiful and work from there. If you are starting from scratch pick a colour out of the fabric and find a small print and a larger print that have the colouring from the hero fabric in it. There are no real rules for pattern matching but a little general rule of three is a good place to start. Having your hero fabric with a smaller scale and larger scale patterned fabric often works well. The scales of the fabrics prints or textures has a great effect on the composition. Geometrics with a bold hero are often helpful as they usually add a neatness and symmetry to the composition.

A good thing to remember is you are matching colours, not patterns! So don’t do matching patterns in different colours tie the arrangement together with colours. It doesn’t have to be the same colour that you are tying together it can be two colours pulled from the hero fabric.

If you are unsure of what colours to pull from the hero fabric going for a more subtle subdued colour will help make the hero fabric stand out. But if you’re fearless go for it and make it as bright as your heart desires. Really if you’re unsure of a combination, leave it for a minute and then come back with fresh eyes. 

As you have probably figured by now this topic can go on and on! To go into further detail on this topic our soon to be released e-book. Watch this space for more tips and tricks on how to really play with patterns!